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Truce: County Agrees to Let Kanye Use Vacant Shopko for Meditation Space

Powell, WY

The drama train keeps a rollin' here in Park County, and Ye is the conductor. Embattled with yet another setback, the entrepreneur slash musician has just been dealt a 'no go' from planning and zoning on his Cody Meditation Megaplex. After a handful of unapproved job scope changes on the project, the frustrated committee was still willing to make a deal with West. Said an optimistic white person on the inside,

'Look, if it were Justin Timberlake looking to bulldoze a couple hundred acres up the South Fork, we might be able to make this work. But this rapper guy has really gone off the deep end. We'll give him Shopko and that's our final offer.'

At press time, the West camp was hesitant, but agreed to consider the offer contingent upon whether or not their Adidas factory could be moved to the old Time Out Lounge building as part of the trade.

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