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Powell Millstone's New Game, 'Out of Order' a Favorite Among Parents

Powell, WY

Cold temperatures and boring evenings have challenged parents to find indoor activities suitable for both child and grownup. By suitable, we mean really anything to get out of the house and stave off insanity. Powell's Millstone can be such a sanctuary as described above. Mom and dad can eat and converse like adults, while their children head to the mosh pit that is the arcade.

Of particular buzz is Millstone's new game, 'Out of Order.' That's right. A game so cutting edge, kids can't even play it. Said an impressed parent,

'Out of Order' is just what we're after. More edgy than, 'Out of Tickets', more clever than, 'Token Eater'...and there's like six of them! Not frustrating one bit!

It really is genius. And while we will miss the crane game that made dollar bills disappear quicker than a pickpocket, Out of Order is a welcome distraction from the seasonal blues.

-The Telegraph

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