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4D Chess: Cody Temple Rebrands as 'Buffalo Bill Center of the LDS'

Cody, WY

So unless you've been living under a rock (no offense, stoneflies), you've heard about Park County's newest pseudo calamity: the LDS Temple in Cody. The proposed building site is nestled at the end of one of Cody's more prominent, elevated neighborhoods, and has divided the community. Shocking, yes.

Some citizens, as in all the Mormon ones, see no issue with the height of the temple's primary tower-or the fact that it could exceed the legal limits afforded by city code.

Other citizens, as in mostly the rich, non-Mormons who live close to the building site, maintain that the temple will ruin the view-and the added traffic could congest otherwise quiet streets.

At presstime, the project seems to be in gridlock. Oddly, the temple is approved to be built but the height supposedly isn't.

In a pure stroke of genius, representatives in charge of the temple build have resubmitted the entire project under the name, The Buffalo Bill Center of the LDS.

Said an ambiguously religious person with approval authority close to the matter,

'It's genius, really. Not only do our LDS friends know several languages, master most classical instruments, and carry low body fat, they're also pretty clever. We'd approve a brothel so long as it had Bill Cody's name attached to it. This could be a game changer.'

I guess now we just sit back and see how it unfolds, eh? One thing is for sure, though, peeps: not since Kanye have we seen or heard from the tire fire that is Planning and Zoning. It's been too long, and so for nothing else, be grateful for that.

Also, be nice. Seriously. Win, lose, or draw, we're all still stuck with each other. Best of luck to everyone or whatever.

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