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Powell Albertson's to Offer New Feature, 'Momtopia'

Powell, WY

The time draws near, and hoards of Powell moms are already tailgating for a shot at first to enter. That's right. We're talking about the new Albertson's.

Featuring all the necessities and then some, the supermarket will house a shopping center, liquor store, pharmacy, Starbuck's, and a Drybar. Just kidding, no Drybar.

HOWEVER, early intel to The Telegraph suggests something much bigger coming to the Powell location. Way cooler than a hundred dollar blow out..... meet MOMTOPIA!

'This fully-immersive station has almost everything for the modern mom: A Magnolia crafting simulator, social media arcade, enneagram testing, and a 20' whiteboard to list everything they hate about the other grocery stores in town.'

It's a groundbreaking concept. Gutsy, but groundbreaking. Best of luck, Albertson's. Happy shopping, moms.

-The Telegraph

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