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The Mandalorian Tapped to Apprehend Conehead Gym Thieves

Powell, WY

Truth can be stranger than fiction in our beloved county. Such is the case in a recent theft at Powell's Freedom Fitness. Images released Wednesday, January 8th seem to reveal grainy outlines of Remulakan Coneheads making off with personal property belonging to the gym. Stumped, local authorities reached out to the galaxy's hottest new bad boy, The Mandalorian, in hopes that he could apprehend the potentially dangerous aliens and bring them to justice. Said no actual person in law enforcement,

'We suspected the aliens were in search of copious amounts of pre-workout powder to fuel their ship beyond the Milky Way. With no local experience working extra-stellar cases, we had no choice but to reach out to Mando. Case closed.'

99 problems but a thief ain't one. Things settled calmly between both parties after The Mandalorian threatened to use Baby Yoda to melt their faces. We're suckers for a happy ending here at The Telegraph, especially ones with aliens. Salud!

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