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Solidarity: Powell Drunk Drivers Vow to Still Hit Vehicles Parked on Absaroka Street

Powell, WY

Life in Powell is steadily returning to normal after a newly-widened Absaroka Street. While chaos ensued directly after intersections were reopened, residents are still (mostly) happy with the results. That is, except for the area's recreational drunk drivers. In simpler times, residents would park along the narrow street, or even sidewalk, and provide a veritable smorgasbord for the alcohol-impaired. The good ol' days, so to speak. Said a representative from the scorned group,

'Man, we used to love barreling down Absaroka like a pinball. A mirror here, a fender there. Now they've made it super wide. Rest assured, though: we're redoubling our efforts. And alcohol consumption.'

We think there could very well be an 'out of the ashes' story in the making, here. One in which mortal men overcome a common foe for the betterment of the human race...and regular visits to the body shop. Go get 'em, you rascals.


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