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Pyornkrachzark the Rock Biter to Assist in Cleanup of Cody Tunnels

Cody, WY

A freak fallen rock incident outside Cody has locals shaken up. The event could have spelled disaster for any traveler through the tunnel at the wrong time, but thankfully, no one was injured. Stabilization of the wall, along with rock removal from the highway, are now the pressing matters. Having had excellent luck with his services during the Wind River Canyon rock slides, locals have called upon Pyornkrachzark the Rock Biter for assistance.

Said the childhood star of 'The Neverending Story' as he packed his bags,

'I'll use big.....strong.....hands.'

No word on an ETA for our metamorphic friend, but sources have confirmed he is en route, smashing a massive swath of destruction with his rock bike. Look for photos of that social media, as well.

Editor's Note: The Park County Telegraph is grateful no one was hurt, and for the men and women on scene keeping us safe!


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