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Primary: Biting Gnat Thingys Best COVID for Biggest As#hole in Park County Seat

Park County, WY

Last night's primary had a few surprises up its sleeve. Not the least of which was the dead sprint between COVID-19 and those horrid, biting gnat things for the county's newest seat: Biggest Asshole. The race was neck and neck, but the gnats pulled it off in the eleventh hour. Said a web-certified entomologist to Telegraph political correspondents,

'This despicable little bug has everything voters are looking for when casting their vote for Biggest As#hole: biblical swarms, almost invisible, a lingering and itchy bite. These little creeps have it all.'

A begrudging congratulations to the gnat. no wort a presstime whether or not they have started gloating on social media, yet...

The Telegraph

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