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Powell's Newly Renovated McDonald's to Feature, 'McWaitline'

Powell, WY

Construction diligently continues on the Powell McDonald's, and with it, promises a myriad of new features. New amenities such as a ketchup fountain, nugget corral, and kiosks to check your total cholesterol have patrons writhing with excitement, but there is one addition that takes the cake, er the apple pie- The McWaitline! That's right, no more waiting in line like prehistoric losers. The McWaitline has everything: the weird snowman game on touchscreen, arts and crafts featuring old ketchup cups, and reruns of Hamburglar cartoons to name a few. Dished an insider to The Telegraph,

'Sure its a remodel, but in no way will we compromise our values as an establishment. Nuggets? Please pull forward. Fish sandwich? Pull on up, you rascal! We'll even continue having patrons pull forward for exotics such as fries and hashbrowns. Hey, call us old fashioned.'

Officials reiterate that while they considered leasing a portion of Mr. D's parking lot for parking, it just didn't have the 'down home vibe' people were used to. A tip o' the McFlurry to that!

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