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Powell Schools Implore Vaping Students: Just Grow Up and Smoke Like Your Parents Did

Powell, WY

Vaping is on the rise among Park County youth; it is the process of taking a little machine thingy, pulling it out mid-conversation with someone, inhaling 30 cubic feet of dense nicotineish/berry scented vapor, and then blowing the massive cloud in the face of whoever you're talking to. It's a super cutting edge trend, and students have taken notice. In an effort to curtail vaping in the Powell Schools, faculty is vehemently urging students do do anything but vape. Said a spokesperson to The Telegraph,

'These wannabe little hipsters think they're sooo cool with their Juuls and whatnot. Its a shame. The least these confused souls could do is grow up a bit and smoke real cigarettes like their parents did at this age...'

Oh, the throes and angst of the teenager. We wish them all the very best in their quest of self discovery, and choosing the coolest vices as defined by their peers. May they never resurrect POGS.


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