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Powell City Council to Library, 'Here, Have a Liquor Licence.'

Powell, WY

Controversy exists in all matter of places. Libraries are no exception. Caught between the blessing of a massive grant, and a public who may see spending ten million dollars on a new library a bit excessive, The Powell City Council may have just struck gold. During their recent December session, the council proposed a less-than-traditional approach to modernizing the campus: a liquor licence. Quoted a reputable guy in attendance,

'...Want to draw a bigger crowd? Hit the modern status quo? Then you need booze. All kinds of it. Here, have a liquor license.'

While the library agrees the license to serve could draw a new fan-base, they remain cautious about the effect the new opportunity could have on Powell's youth. In the interim, a special council has been appointed to evaluate a line of literature-themed nonalcoholic drinks that could help the littles still feel validated as drinkers. More as the standoff continues.

-The Telegraph

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