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Park County Crane Games Arrested for Conspiracy, Robbery

Powell, WY

Park County authorities have just busted a sizable crime ring, right here in the Basin. The investigation was spurred by an anonymous tip from a really frustrated father,

'I contacted the authorities after pumping three hundred dollars into the Millstone crane game without so much as thread to show for it. All my kid wanted was a Minion doll. Heck, I couldn't even get one of those lame bouncy balls, those are usually super easy to get.'

In true domino fashion, one game told on another, told on another, and another. By the time the dust had settled, almost a dozen crooked crane games had been apprehended. The swift hand of justice plucked these suckers out of society the way a functioning crane would. Bond has been set at 6,000 Minion Dolls.


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