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Over-Dramatic Cody Dad Still the Victim After Throwing Barbie Shoes Away with Wrapping Paper

Cody, WY

Christmas Morning had rolled through without incident for the Smith Family. The Cody couple watched with full hearts as their daughter opened all her gifts. One gift, in particular, had their little one singing with joy: her Shoe Hoarder Edition Barbie-complete with 30 tiny pair of shoes. The family had settled in for the day. Dad picked up, mom set out the prime rib, and then it happened.

'You know... I go to work, I come home, I pay the bills, and all I was trying to do was pick up after Christmas. I accidentally throw away the white heels with the gold plastic on them, and suddenly I'm the bad guy,'

The triggered father lost it at the mere questioning of his four year old daughter as to the whereabouts of the shoes,

'Daddy's a bad person. There. Are you happy? Merry Flippin' Christmas.'

At press time, Mrs. Smith had confirmed to The Telegraph, that her husband had eaten some Chex Mix in the bathroom, and came out a totally different person. He apologized, dug through the trash, wiped the coffee grounds off the shoes, and all was well.


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