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Odd Powell Crop Sure Smells 'Skunky'

Powell, WY

With the current state of affairs around the country, and now with a barrage of mystery seeds being shipped to various US Citizens from nefarious countries, some members of the community have become a little extra vigilant. Among the more vigilant, or maybe even manic, a Powell Aunt and Facebook advocate for community safety and whatnot has reached out to The Telegraph with some alarming news,

'I don't know if its those Chinese seeds being shipped over here, or some kind of janky Kochia, but those weird plants along the highway smell like a skunk. I'll get to the bottom of this. Mark my words.'

While we cannot confirm from a photo at this time, Telegraph Horticulturists believe the plants to be either a sagebrush hybrid or some dank kush (harmless variety). More as details emerge.

The Telegraph

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