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Northfork's Big Boy Replaced with 'Big They' Amid Woke Backlash

Cody, WY

It will take years to assess the full repercussions of the current pandemic. Fear, mental health, the economy, the well-being of our loved ones. There's a litany of concerns afloat during these strange times-some we can quantify, some we cannot.

COVID's most recent victim fell prey in less-than-traditional fashion as one individual regrettably informed The Telegraph that a staple of the North Fork Corridor, Big Boy, has been taken down and replaced with a more modern character: Big They.

How does a pandemic and the fall of a historical monument marry in rural Wyoming? Refugees. Woke ones. From California and such. Quoted the same imaginary man in our interview,

'Its these woke folk settling in our community after theirs became even crappier during the virus. Has to be the Californians. With their Range Rovers and whatnot. They sacked Big Boy.'

Our condolences to the landowner and Big Boy's loved ones during this time of shock and anger. May he rest in peace knowing that local vandals will probably avenge his death by shooting the new statue. And dumping mattresses around it.

--The Telegraph

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