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Montana's Browsing History Reveals Habitual Viewing of Wyoming

Anywhere, MT

Awkward has a new meaning after a recent confrontation took place just North of us. Montana and a 'friend' had just finished a nice little jog, as they're training for their first half marathon. They made plans to catch up at the state's place a little later. Said a sweaty Montana,

'I'm just gonna relax for a bit. Catch a shower, then maybe a nap. See you later?'

Simple enough. Just a little recharge between festivities. Nothing suspicious. That is, until The Big Sky State's acquaintance came by a little earlier than expected. Montana had left their laptop open before falling asleep. In an instant, the partner had become privy to what ol' 406 had been up to. After having a drink thrown on them, the now wide awake and defensive Montana protested,

'W-w-what? I...I don't even know what that is. Probably a virus. Or malware, yeah, malware did it. That's Utah's laptop, anyways. I would never look at that. Gross.'

Likely story. The Telegraph is happy to report the couple is working through the incident, but that it hasn't been easy. They cite hot yoga and Kombucha as two major healers in the process. That, and the realization that we all gaze upon Wyoming from time to time. It's completely natural.


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