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Local Producer of Highrolling Headshrinkers Receives Freakish Good News

Powell, WY

Just like when Harry met Sally, except this time with really big tires. And lots of tiny mirror pieces. For years, organizations like Powell Economic Partnership, and Target Powell Valley (RIP) have sought to bring more commerce to the area. After successfully courting the world's leading manufacturer of Highrolling Headshrinkers to the Powell Valley in 2015, growth had unfortunately remained stagnant. Citing logistical issues of getting their product to market, the company had all but given up. That is until they found a Hauler. Said a representative in a bolo tie,

'Honestly, things were getting pretty bleak. We were cranking out Highrolling Headshrinkers at record pace, but struggling to get them to market. Then an angel appeared. Rather, a hauler. A Highrolling Headshrinker Hauler. Whatup now, Forbes?!'

Awesome Archetype! Did they find the hauler or did the hauler find them? Definitely the feelgood story of September. For this and more business coverage in Park County, keep your dial right here on the Park County Telegraph.

-J.R.R. Brolkien, Editor

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