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Cody Newlywed Still Adamant He Only Browses Eastmans' Hunting Journals 'For the Articles.'

Cody, WY

Life for newlyweds can be an adventure. What with finding a place to call home, decorating, choosing a family pet, one hardly expects the turbulent times to arrive. For one Cody couple, the paint hadn't even dried on their DIY shiplap before things got tough,

'I was rummaging through our moving boxes, looking for my collection of barbed wire crosses, when I came across the magazines. I was numb. No way did I see this happening to me.'

The stunned bride further dished to The Telegraph that, while she knew her new husband had a history with Eastmans' Hunting Journals, she had totally thought he'd given them up after they got engaged. Sitting next to her, the shamed groom assured,

'Seriously, I just read them [the magazines] for the articles.They're really good. I don't even notice the antlers and guns, anymore.' He grabbed his wife's hands, 'I only have eyes for you, babe.'

The room was in tears, and teeming with reconciliation. The two lunged for a kiss when some trail cam photos fell out of the man's shirt pocket. No word on his condition at press time.


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