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Local Guy Shares Blurry Picture of Morning Temperature, Confident He is Coldest Amongst Peers

Ralston, WY

A recent cold front has punched Park County in the face, and continues to overstay its welcome. The mercury began to fall last weekend, and, although it looks as if we've seen the worst of it, was still able to afford the masses an opportunity to participate in the ritual of informing each other of how cold their morning commute was. One aspiring weatherman took to Facebook to tell friends in the same vicinity just how cold it was-captioning the grainy, blurry picture as follows,

'global warming? more like global cooling! LOL just tacking [sic] to Facebook to let yall know im coooold!'

Quite the inconvenient truth from a brave man we are sure risked life and limb to get the information to his friends. Stay warm, Park County.


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