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Local Band of Moms Pretty Concerned About New Neighbors

Park County, WY

In spite of an economy that has been cleaned out quicker than the aftermath of a double Vente Wheatgrass Smoothie, real estate has remained a highly sought commodity in the area. Homes are moving steadily, even the expensive ones. And while this is an encouraging marker in a lot of instances, one group of moms just isn't taking the bait. After successful contact with the action committee's lead spokesmom, The Telegraph has received a statement on the matter.

'Okay, fine. They drive a new what. There's only two types of people who drive new Tahoes: normal, affluent people like us, or gangbanging druglords. We're pretty sure these guys are the latter and we intend to stare in groups until they get the message.'

Shots fired, that's for sure. These moms mean business, and have reiterated that in spite of the new neighbors sporting the fall line of Baby Bjorn while walking their new twins, it's still totally just a cover up. So are the matching stand-up paddle boards.

<3 The Telegraph

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