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Guy Who Thinks Man-Buns are Stupid Hangs Plastic Male Genitalia From His Truck

Clark, WY

Local tough guy, Stu "Machete Face" Sanderson wants the world to know he hates dudes that wear skinny jeans. And, perhaps even more importantly, Stu also wants the world to know that man-buns are for total effeminate losers. That's right, our very own Johnny Testosteroneseed is on a mission, and to declare his solidarity for the cause, has vowed to adorn his truck with dude parts. Said the visionary on social media,

'Nothing is more counterculture to guys dressing and acting like ferries than hanging a large, veiny, chrome replica of the male gonads from the bumper of your pickup.'

How could any rational outsider argue with that? We surely can't. Thusly, The Telegraph has extended an offer to Stu to come aboard as Male Fashion and Conduct editor-in-chief. No word at press time on acceptance...

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