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Fall Going as Dead of Winter for Halloween

Park County, WY

Halloween is finally here! That fun time of year where youngsters dress up and masquerade about town in search of Tricks and Treats! And 5th degree frostbite. Not to be outdone on the fun, Mother Nature has decided to join the fray as well. The surly character will be going as the sinister, 'Dead of Winter.' We're talking January-style bitterness, here. No details omitted, she quipped to The Telegraph,

I've thought of everything, this year. Bitter-cold temperatures, dead trees, frostbitten children, frozen sugar beets. The whole nine yards. This Halloween will be a real banger! Besides, 'Indian Summer' is an offensive phrase. Time to start acting like it.

What a rascal! Who wants short-sleeved Trick or Treating, anyways?! Well done, Mother Nature. See you out there. Stay tuned to The Telegraph for this and all other things Halloween.

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