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Empathy: Local Roads Want to Know How YOU Are

Northern WY

Winter hit. Finally. Something to do with La Nina & barometers and whatnot. The phenomenon has caused droves of manic citizens to network in order to procure up-to-date road conditions in the area. Taking to such platforms as Powell Valley Exchange, Cody Area Classifieds, and Farmers Only, would-be travelers repeatedly petition for updates as near as the grocery store, to as far away as Billings.

Noticing and feeling complete compassion for the weather detectives, Local Roads want you to know they are wondering the same thing. Only the other way around. Said the Belfry Highway to Telegraph Reporters,

'Honestly, we're concerned about you, too. Ignoring such silly things as road reports, 200mph winds, and several highway cameras in the area can be really taxing on a person. Just stay put, drink some hot cocoa, and know you are loved.'

Aww, thanks, Local Roads. And thanks to the people who also comment. 'is this still available?' to every single non-commerce-related post on social media. Y'all are the real heroes.

Stay warm, and stay off the buy and sell groups until spring.

The Telegraph

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