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Denture Juggernaut Looking to Franchise in Powell

Powell, WY

Citing the recent success of a Billings hotelier, in collaborating with the Powell City Council and the Powell Economic Partnership for securing a zero-interest state-funded loan, and awarding the enterprise with the sole remaining retail liquor license- paving the way for a new hotel/convention center in Powell, the entrepreneurs at the Bridger Denture Clinic informed the Telegraph that they plan to approach those same two entities to secure a similar sweetheart deal.

“We’ve learned a few things in our time in business. Success in the free market depends on location, zero-interest state loans, and favors from friends in high places. The folks in Powell show they understand that.”

Asked how a denture clinic in Powell will impact the Basin, the businessman whistled through teeth that seemed a little too straight,

“With the help of the Powell City Council and the Powell Economic Partnership, the Basin Denture Clinic will be the Mayo Clinic of the denture world!”


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