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COVID-19: Local Poses Question, 'Have You Tried That Crazy Wrap Thing?'

Park County, WY

We're in the throes of this bloody pandemic, and thankfully, still don't really know what to do or what to think. Overall cases in the area remain low, but are probably going to spike. We're probably going to reopen the economy, but also summon the Kraken. We should support local business, but safely, and only if we want spread the virus around like selfish Johnny Appleseeds. We're doing a good job social-distancing, but also suck at it. Stimulus is available but it isn't enough but then it is but then the country will be in shambles for generations to come and if you take it you love police states and Carole Baskin. No big deal.

Lucky for us, one local entrepreneur may have just cracked the code for good on the prevention of COVID: That Crazy Wrap Thing! Why didn't we think of this?! Said the veritable Shark Tanker to Telegraph reporters,

'It works! Just send me seven hundred dollars, wrap this bad boy around your face, and bam! More like NOvid-19. Plus your friends will be jealous of your skinny face once the quarantine is over...'

Finally some decent news for these times of uncertainty! More on this and the prophylactic effects of before and after photos as data becomes available.

-The Telegraph

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