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Bader Ginsburg Spotted at Powell's Homesteader Museum Asking for Belongings Back

Powell, WY

Perhaps the most recognizable member of SCOTUS, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is causing quite a stir after being inexplicably absent from work these past couple of days. Rumors abound surrounding her health as a possible catalyst for the absence, however, your very own Park County Telegraph has just received word that Bader Ginsburg was at the Homesteader Museum as recently as Tuesday (1/8) morning. Said a super reliable eyewitness,

'Yeah, I was waiting for a food truck in the parking lot behind the museum when I heard the commotion. Ruth was shouting for the original survey drawings of the town gifted to her by John Wesley Powell, and that super tacky Cowboys and Indians game that used to be in Kragler's. She was really upset.'

According to the witness, Ruth later calmed down after a sit in the caboose, and decided to leave well enough alone. She planned to have lunch at Taco John's and promptly depart to D.C. All's well that ends well.


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