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          Inspired by the Shoshone River's perfect and beautiful predators, each of these bracelets pays unique homage to the big four (in order from left to right on the featured image):

  • The Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout,
    • Tans, Golds, Darks, and Red
  • The Brown Trout,
    • Tans, Golds, Darks, and the Rare Hint of Blue 
  • The Rainbow Trout, and
    • Silvers and every other beautiful color suggested by the name
  • The Brook Trout.
    • Like a firework, theres a bit of everything. Just like the gorgeous fish, itself!


          Hand-spun by 12-year-old Telegraph heiress, Rowan, no bracelet is the exact same as the next. One size fits most, and you are welcome to exchange if yours does not fit the way you'd like. Each bracelet it clasped with a swivel, for added coolness. 


          Pick one up and see you on the river!


Trout of the Shoshone Bracelets

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