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Yellowstone Park Being Riddled With Drilling Rigs Amid DEQ/EPA Furloughs

Yellowstone National Park

The throes of shutdown gridlock are beginning to deepen, while most assuredly causing an opportunity for irreparable damage to one of the most pristine places on earth: Yellowstone National Park.

Always opportunistic, many oil and gas producers have found their chance to make a move to drill on the park's protected grounds while the entire government is shut down-including the park itself. Hissed an executive with the drilling project,

'No EPA? No DEQ? No park employees? We'll frac this place back to the stone age. We shall drink the rivers dry.....OUR RIGS SHALL BLOT OUT THE SUN!!! MWAHAHAHA!'

More from The Telegraph as this debauchery develops. Drilling representation had indicated at press time that it was tougher than they expected to set all their drilling stuff up on those rickety wooden pathways around the attractions, but that they are determined to strike oil. Only time will tell.

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