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Wyoming Upland Enthusiasts Eager for Murder Hornet Season

Park County, WY

Its spring time in Park County! Crops are being planted, trees are getting leaves, and Ringneck Pheasants are scampering everywhere! At times, you'd barely even notice the entire world has ground to a halt like a fat kid falling off a skateboard. Ahh, yes. Spring.

Not to be outdone by some ball-hog of a pandemic, the animal kingdom has decided to release the Kraken of winged insects on American soil: The Murder Hornet. Native to Asia (Wuhan, we're pretty sure), the harbinger of death has thankfully made its way stateside. Making the best out of a bad situation like they always do, Wyoming folk have come up with a solution...blow them away with a shotgun. Said a local upland hunter to The Telegraph,

'Actually, it's not all bad. We'll just blow these winged bastards away with a friggin' twelve gauge. Should really help dial us in for Chukar season. Might even try to breast 'em out and smoke 'em.'

How to we love thee, Wyoming? let us count the ways! Pull those scatterguns out of summer retirement and get ready for the onslaught. We all need a bit of an escape after being quarantined for months. Happy Hunting from The Telegraph!

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