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WY Dispatchers: Rename 'Controlled-Burn Notifications' to 'Hellish, Four-Alarm Inferno Warnings'

Powell, WY

Spring is in the air! So are plumes of smoke that would make even the most violent of volcanoes jealous. And more sirens than a WWII air raid, to boot!

We at The Telegraph love our state. And Springtime! This year has seemed especially busy for our brave firefighters and dispatchers. What with the spike in activity every spring, a representative for Park County Dispatch gave the following statement to our field reporter,

'Let's at least get one thing straight: there's nothing controlled about a trillion cubic feet of bone-dry tinder mixed with the bellows of a 40 mile-per-hour 'breeze'. It's more like that scene from Terminator when the nuclear bomb goes off. And we're tired of acting like it's not a problem.'

At press time, The Telegraph had yet to hear from the landowner who was 'completely surprised things got out of control' for the 17th year in a row. More on this inferno as it becomes available.

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