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Woke Powell Residents to Petition City Council on Renaming, 'Division Street'

Powell, WY

A concerned Powell resident says he intends to petition the City Council to change the name of Division Street. Citing the recent controversy surrounding the Council’s decision regarding the sole remaining retail liquor license that has played out on social media, and in the pages of local print media, the petition’s sponsor will be seeking “a more unifying name” for the street. Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of the backlash that may ensue with such a change, the petitioner said,

“There is so much division in our community and our country right now. I think it would send a meaningful message of unity to everyone if the Council got rid of ‘Division Street.’”

When asked for potential alternatives, he suggested,

“’Coexist Way’ printed just like the bumper stickers. Or maybe ‘Agree to Disagree Drive.’”


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