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Willwood Dam Access Area Renamed, 'Place for Lazy As#holes to Dump Dead Game'

Willwood Dam, Park County

With an ever-expanding population of idiots coupled with an exponential disregard for the importance of public land, a local group responsible for re-naming access areas has made the prudent and timely decision to rename the Willwood Dam area.

Optimistic the new name will catch on quick, the committee had this to say,

'Options to responsibly dispose of game around here are pretty much non-existent, so this is a big step. We just want these insufferable pricks to feel even more at home ruining public land than they do right now.'

At press time, The Telegraph is still unable to contact those responsible for this particular pile. Not only to congratulate them on the new area name, but also for shooting a calf. Undoubtedly from a pickup. And probably without a license.

Seriously. Good work. Don't make babies.

-The Telegraph

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