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Warm Wyoming Friday Makes Residents Forget There are 87 Weeks of Winter Left

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Powell, WY

Oh, the cruel antics of the Wyoming Fall-ish Wintery Season thingy. One minute we are dressed for the moon landing, the next in short sleeves. Today’s mild weather did not disappoint, nor did it make any sense for the third of December. Or did it?

Global Cooling’ and ‘Don’t like the weather, wait five minutes‘ jokes have been on the verge of an all-out stampede, and locals are dressed like it's Labor Day, but no matter-the weather, with its macabre sense of humor, loves this old classic.

Quipped the total sicko to Telegraph Reporters,

‘You dolts fall for this joke a dozen times a year. Just like the one where I have you believing you'll enjoy a nice weekend in May. Hand me another beer...'

Touché, weather. Touché. Looks like you're due for a tantrum this Sunday. Perhaps less wind and more snow, though? At least consider the higher elevations. Best wishes and see you then...

-The Telegraph

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