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Unfair Immigration Policies to Blame for Culling, Suggest 50 Cody Deer

Cody, WY

Residents are divided on Cody's recent decision to cull (that's a fancy way of saying 'kill with purpose') 50 deer living within city limits. The deer have a longstanding history of property damage, vehicle damage, meth use, all-around shenanigans, and the town has had enough. This is the third campaign of its kind in an effort to bring the town's deer population down to around 150, and has garnered support from City Council and most Cody residents.

Residents, that is, excluding the deer. Said a spokesdeer for the group,

'How can they enforce this on STOLEN LAND? We're going to fight this. Cody is our home, not the mountains and stuff, and we demand justice!'

May the best species win. At press time, Cody had stepped across the aisle to consult with a bunch of wolves in Yellowstone. No word yet on a contract.

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