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Tourist Disappointed to Learn Fromberg Landmark not Brothel

Fromberg, MT

Summer is in full-swing, and with it, droves of tourists anxious to get out after the pandemic curtailed many 2020 vacations. Utilizing Billings Logan International Airport as their first destination, many a thrill seeker has chosen Highway 310 as their corridor to fresh air and mountaintops. Winding along the Clarks Fork River, fertile farm land, and frequent pockets of rural Americana, 310 leads many an eye to a beacon of local nostalgia- the Fromberg love shack.

The paint, message, and slanted prose of the landmark have stood the test of time- and has recently left one hedonistic tourist beside himself. Said the pervert to a Telegraph Personal Crisis member,

'The fellas and I had thought we stumbled onto the perfect pitstop en route to Yellowstone. We thought it was a really peaceful, protest-y, brothel. Nope, just a creepy shack. We were devastated.'

The shock was a double whammy considering they had also just found out Shotgun Willy's was also a no-go. Best of luck to our troupe of miscreants.

-The Telegraph

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