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Tegridy Farms' CEO Sways Powell Council on Hemp

Powell, WY

Tensions mounted in this week's Powell City Council assembly as an approval to allow a local business to process hemp gridlocked at a 3-3 tie. Worry over smells and whatnot had the council divided when, ultimately, the mayor voted in favor of the new endeavor - passing approval four votes to three. In spite of hemp's proven benefits, potential for revenue in the area, and negligible chemical ability to do anything cool, Tegridy Farms' CEO and chief client, Randy Marsh still flew in last-minute to advocate in favor of hemp. Said Mash while mokin on a spliff,

'Hemp is really just marijuana's helpful cousin who chose a different path of learning the piano, volunteering, and respecting those less fortunate. Plus you get all the fibers and oils and whatever.'

Another small business success story when limited economic bandwidth is always looking to curtail would-be entrepreneurs. A tip of our future hemp-woven hat to the new opportunity, local business, and to the mayor.

Hemp Hemp Hooray!

--The Telegraph

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