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Taco John’s Totally Tries to Play Victim Card During Trump’s Border Address

Cody, WY

Divisive times continue to plague our country-Park County included. What with the media telling you one thing, your conservative friends telling you another, and your liberal friends still more, it’s no wonder we’re at the frayed ends of political sanity.

Inching the social media doomsday clock until almost midnight, President Trump took to primetime, urging for cooperation between parties to build the wall. The topic of the wall has the country at a standstill, whilst out government remains in gridlock. Everyone has something to say, but it was Taco John’s brazen attempt at victimhood that really sent Twitter into a frenzy,

‘Sure, I’m from Cheyenne, but this Westmexican stands in complete solidarity with his brothers and sisters South of the actual border. What you do to them, you do to me, Drumpf!’

We at The Telegraph can at least credit TJ with thoughtfulness, as his couth and discernment remain weaker than his hot salsa. All the best to our liberal and conservative patrons playing identity politics, this eve. May you wake up just as mad in the morning. ❤️

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