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Study: Blair's Parking Lot Declared Craziest Location in Wyoming as Thanksgiving Looms.

Powell, WY

In a recent study conducted by the Wyoming Authoritative Council of Ranking, Powell Wyoming's very own Blair's Market plays host to the number one slot for craziest place in the entire state: their parking lot.

Citing such features as, 'Lots of Chain-link Fence,' 'Large Equipment,' 'Saws, Tunnels, and Stuff,' and 'Literally no Direction on Where to Drive,' the panel stated the impending deadline of Thanksgiving as the event horizon which catapulted the parking lot into first place. Stated a graven panelist,

'Thanksgiving is going to be cataclysmic, this year.'

At press time, the always pro-commerce panel was quick to assure would-be Thanksgiving shoppers that the supermarket also ranks as one of the states finest, and that they are sweetly close to the completion of their remodel,

'We are certain Wal-Mart's parking lot, or the line to see Santa when he flies in on the helicopter will quickly unseat the current one-spot for craziest location in Wyoming. No way the'll even make the top ten after its all said and done.'

Be assured, The Park County Telegraph will be in the thick of it throughout the entire holiday season, proving the bombastic and embellished stories you've come to trust.

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