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Storm: Discerning Local Rides Tauntaun to Billings Just to be Safe

Park County, WY

Biden be damned, as Park County residents awoke to an already dark winter, this morning. A nasty front has brought snow, wind, frigid temperatures, and ample tears to our beloved part of the world, as well as, fertile conditions for a trip to Billings. One defiant man has chosen practicality over the traditional Facebook inquiry regarding road conditions by dusting off his Tauntaun. Said the Maverick while leaving the driveway,

'When I woke up to snow and bad visibility, I knew it was time to go to Billings for no reason whatsoever. I skipped silly nuances like the road report and Facebook inquiries and went straight to my trusty non-sentient Hoth lizard.'

While he did admit that his face may become completely frostbitten beyond repair, he was comfortable knowing that the sure-footed beast would get him there safely. And that, if worse came to worse, he could always slice it open and take shelter in its disgusting entrails.

-The Telegraph

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