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Some Cody Residents Furious as Raucous Rapper Creates Meditation Space

Cody, Wy

Kanye is at it, again. First the audacious character purchases a Cody ranch with the intent become a regular citizen of the area. Then he throws this crazy concert for like, religion or whatever. THEN expresses commercial interest in investing around town. Then, completely off his rails, spends his own money on his own property to create a 70,000 square foot area to meditate and become more grounded. Debauchery!

Rest assured, we caught up with a guy who is totally fed up with it. Said the angry man to The Telegraph,

'This raucous, lunatic of a rapper guy comes to my area...wants to create a place of solitude...smack in the middle of his own property? What a waste of land to shoot washing machines and dump mattresses on! Unbelievable. I knew he was gonna bring the riff raff.'

No confirmation at press time as to whether or not Yeezy will also replace the fish in West Lake with 40's of Olde E as part of the renovation. Your uncle's friend's dart league partner is pretty sure he heard that was happening. More from The Telegraph as details emerge.


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