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Snoop Dogg to Buy Two Dot Ranch, Rename, 'Two Dizzle Rizzle'

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Cody, WY

In what has really become the definitive status quo among rappers, Wyoming Real Estate is being snatched up like a bottle of Cristal in a Biggie Smalls video. Rich bankers? Nope. Trust fund babies? Nah. Rappers. And now the D-O-Double G is getting a piece, or rather, a ranch.

The news come hot on the tail of Kimye purchasing Monster Lake Ranch, just outside Cody, Wyoming, and locals couldn't be more elated. Said Tha Doggfather himself to a Telegraph Reporter,

Laiiiiid baaaaaack. With my mind on my money and my money on my gazillion-acre, Wyoming ranch.'

Snoop also admitted, that while the Monastery above Meeteetsee was his first choice, he wanted to be closer to Clark for open mic nights at Edelweiss. Can't say we blame him. Welcome to the hood, Snoop.

-The Telegraph

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