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Sleeping Giant Nixes Repurposed Beijing Cooling Towers

Cody, WY

Well, the 2022 winter Olympics have come to a close. As with any Olympic Games, there were a host of tragedies and triumphs, but all in all, these United States still brought home a mountain of metal, erm, medal. Go America!

For The Telegraph, the creepy, looming, image of those cooling tower thingys behind the jump hill remain one of the more odd facets of the Games. In an effort to make up for the abysmal living conditions offered to the athletes, China has offered to gift the cooling towers to participating countries.

Among the first to decline, Sleeping Giant had this to say,

'Yeah, nah. Sure, they'd make great warming huts at the top of the hill, but who knows what's been in those things. It's a hard pass, for us.'

We at The Telegraph support the polite decline to repurpose cooling towers from a condemned nuclear power plant as a means of hospitality. Cold skiers or snowboarders can still find refuge in the lodge. Or better yet, increase their shred to raise body temp.

Happy Winter Recreation, and go Team USA!

-The Telegraph

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