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Shopko Backlash: Powell Moms Frantic to Find New Store to Constantly Complain About

Powell, WY

Ripples continue to rock the community boat over Powell's imminent Shopko closure. Aside from Ace Hardware potentially securing a town monopoly on Tiki Torch sales, the store closure also has area moms completely beside themselves with grief over the thought of not being able to berate the store, anymore. Said a tearful mom donning Baby Bjorn,

It's sad, you know? One minute I'm complaining to my girlfriends about Shopko NEVER stocking the sea kelp peel I need, and the next? Poof. Closing. Its going to be tough finding a new place to hate this much... and buy old cordial cherries at the same time.

The determined mom vowed to be strong, however. She stated while a dozen or more people losing their jobs was sad or whatever, that when the going gets tough, the tough still find something new to be mad about. The Telegraph wishes you luck, Bilbo Complainins.

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