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Revealed! Two Tough Guys Also Tender. Good Listeners, Strong Fashion Acumen Also Among Highlights.

Cody, WY

The Basin's most recognizable waste disposal troupe, Two Tough Guys, has just been blindsided by a series of statements leaked by an unnamed insider privy to their business-and The Telegraph has acquired the initial details. Bombshell allegations have been fired against the brown and gold, and by the looks of it, seek to attack the legitimacy of their toughness. In an emotional and impromptu phone interview, a representative for the Tough Guys told The Telegraph,

'In the beginning, it was all about a brawny image with these guys. Torn sleeves, monster biceps, bandoliers, brass knuckles, that kind of stuff. Time started taking it's toll, though, and one day, it all just started to unravel. Yeah they're still tough, but they're also really good at spoken word poetry and asking you about your interests. It'll be just fine.'

The representative was adamant that, while these revelations have been a bit uncomfortable to navigate in the open, it will only serve to grow the company even quicker. More emotional attributes mean more customers for the Tough Guys, and we at The Telegraph couldn't be happier.

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