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Revamped Cody Firearms Museum Now Features Lickable Wallpaper, New Curator

Cody, WY

Huge news from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West! The organization has just announced that the Cody Firearms Museum, newly remodeled and arguably the finest exhibit of its kind, will now feature lickable wallpaper! At over 7000 firearms alone, we had thought we'd seen it all. Not even close! Said the new and peculiar curator of the Firearms branch,

'Winchesters taste like Winchesters. And vintage Colts taste like vintage Colts. We want this to be a really immersive experience.'

Awesome! With the grand opening of the post-improvement firearms museum growing nearer every day, we are beside ourselves with excitement! Having never tasted an original Marlin 1888, we at The Telegraph are salivating in anticipation. More on the events as they unfold, and the regional outbreak of mono.

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