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Recap: Cavalier Parade Horse Just Totally Went Poo in Front of Everyone

Cody, WY

And just like, the 4th of July has passed the basin like an out of control bottle rocket. With it we saw okay weather, dozens of trailers selling fireworks, four billion tourists, and the pearl of Independence Day, The Cody Stampede Parade. Clocked at around two hours, the parade didn't disappoint. The Telegraph's own field team was able to interview a handful of spectators immediately following the parade. Said a guy from California with a pack of wolves on his shirt,

'So we're sitting in the hot gutter trying to watch this parade, when all of the sudden this horse just strolls up and craps in front of a thousand people like he owns the place. Unbelievable.'

There you have it, folks. The interviewee went on to explain that he had also wet his pants following the mountain men firing their muzzle loaders, but that a bag of kettle corn had dulled the trauma. It's summertime in Wyoming, peeps. Enjoy.

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