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Real Estate Calamity: Kanye Issues Apology to Angry White People

Cody, WY

Welp. Kanye is at it, again. The nefarious rapper guy who made a splash in Cody by purchasing Monster Lake Ranch and a host of other real estate in town, a couple years ago, now has the audacity to sell some of it. You read that right: a rich person in Cody is selling property they purchased at an earlier time. Unbelievable.

A league of angry locals, who didn't approve of the purchase to begin with, are now re-mad he's selling it. Makes perfect sense, actually. After all, recreational anger in an area that courts outsiders for commerce as part of their economy SHOULD be a priority!

Quick to realize he'd made a big mistake, Kanye responded to the rebuke saying,

'You know what... Buying property that either no one else wanted or could afford WAS a big mistake. And now to sell it? Outlandish. I'm also sorry for the unsightly structures I built on the property. Forgive me if you're able.'

No word at press time regarding the fate of his ranch, but many remain proactively upset. Just in case. More to come as details emerge.

-The Telegraph

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