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Pumpkinhead Assumes Activities Director Position at Local Corn Maze

Clark, WY

Another small but significant slice of normalcy has just returned to Park County: Gallagher's Corn Maze! The now-infamous annual fall attraction features two corn mazes, food, and a myriad of other activities for the whole family to enjoy-- and if Sunday's attendance was any indicator, Park County folk were ready to get out and enjoy themselves.

Always bigger and better than the previous year, the venue has once again risen to the occasion-this time with a dedicated activities director: veteran horror actor, Pumpkinhead. Said a made up inside source,

'Pumpkinhead actually has a pretty fantastic resume. For one, Pumpkin is in his name, and for another, he really understands fall recreation...Plus if any annoying kids start poking at the piglets, he could also eat the parents for not paying attention. But only if need be, of course.'

A sincere tip o' the cap to the Gallagher Corn Maze for getting us out of our homes for some fun... and for employing actors who are very much past their prime, but still have so much to offer.

-The Telegraph

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