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Protests: Buffalo Bill Tweets Lengthy Apology After 'Bronzeface' Photos Surface

Cody, WY

The doomsday clock marches closer to midnight. Instance after instance continue to throw punches at the world like a heavyweight boxer pummeling a speed bag, and protesters have united to say enough is enough. Hitting close to home, a group of protesters took to the Cody area, last weekend. The demonstrations were progressing peacefully when things took a turn for the awkward: Cody's own namesake, Bill Cody, became caught in the fray regarding insensitive 'bronzeface' statue/photos. Quickly taking to Twitter to defend himself, Cody Tweeted this,

'Dudes. I've seriously been dead for an entire century. I had no idea. Some buddies and I were just being idiots in college. I'm sorry or whatever.'

All a man can do is apologize and move on. No word from Annie Oakley's camp at press time whether or not she has accepted Cody's previous tweets apologizing for catcalling her on his Wild West Tour of 1885. More as details emerge.

  • The Telegraph

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