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Powell Shopko to Dissolve Only Area in Building With Reliable Inventory, Asks for Liquor License

Powell, WY

In the clutches of bankruptcy, store chain, Shopko, has made the tough decision to close some stores around the state. Surviving elimination, the Powell store will still be releasing their pharmacy as part of the skirmish. The Telegraph was able to reach a top officer and strategist for the store chain,

'Yeah. So what we thought we'd do, is take the one area of the store that tons of people have to mandatorily visit every month, and get rid of it. No way they're buying other things while they wait for their prescription to be filled. We'll just sell booze or something.'

Seems legit. More on the liquor license and whether or not Pamida is mad or just disappointed, as details become available.


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AND our sincere best wishes to those affected by the Shopko closures.

-The Telegraph

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